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Mar 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
it in an expedited way subject to rule, protections for privacy, civil rights and civil liberties that people the right to expect? we are making progress on all those fronts in addition to what cathy has said. >> i know my time is over expired so thank you, mr. chairman spent thank you very much. thanks for being here again. senator baldwin, welcome. great to see. please proceed spent i also want to thank the chairman and ranking member for holding this up and down review of the department of homeland security. clearly what was accomplished back in 2003 was no easy task, and i certainly recognize the incredible progress made in the 10 years since the departments creation. but since we're here today i want to focus in on a couple of the areas in which the department can improve or have been pointed out. fortunately, for me, senator ayotte's last question was the first question i was going to ask about in terms of the recommendations in the gao high-risk report on implementing sharing across agency so if you like you tackle that. but i also want to look at another area. mr. dodaro, and your tes
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
extends the protections of federal civil rights law to the health care system for the first time. those protections include the ada, americans with disabilities act which was protections on the basis of hiv or aids steps to it also at the bottom includes title ix which has protections on the basis of sex. following the lead of equal employment opportunity equal employment opportunity commission, last year the department health and human services released guidance saying that they also interpret the sex protections of section 1557 to include gender identity and sex stereotyping. insurance market reforms, as neera mention an major combat of the affordable care act. many of the new protections in the insurance market are very important for marginalized consumers such as lgbt individuals. the patient's bill of rights for example, includes important protections for transgender people come for people with expensive conditions such as hiv or cancer. it phases out limits on coverage that were particularly problematic for people with expensive conditions. it ends presenting condition exclusions
Mar 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
kill off civilization or send us into the dark ages but maybe only destroyed new york city. and of those asteroids, we know well less than 1% of those. so right now the metaphor in time that we're likely to get from one of those is zero. >> and let me ask a final question. what is our capacity if we discovered a sizable what that was on a collision course? what is our capacity right now to do something to change that? >> if you find it early, decades in advance, which is what the goal of mass is to do, and the goal is to be -- we have many options. then you only need to change the trajectory by very, very tiny amount. senator nelson, you know from having flown in space that when you're many orbits ahead of time, very tiny changes in your speed make big differences in the timing of where you are many orbits later and that's exactly what you do. so in real terms, if you change an asteroids speed of something like one millimeter per second, that's about the speed that in and walks. and to do that 10 years or more, before squinting at the earth, you can make it miss the earth.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3